Steel Auto Industriesis one of the fast growing Company because of its strict control in all of the manufacturing process and best service after-sale service to our customers. To achieve this, we begin with state of art engineering extensive product testing and manufacturing of the very best quality product as customer's satisfaction is our motto and fully understand the concept of "Quality is the life of a Company"

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STEEL AUTO INDUSTRIES, better known as SAI was founded in 1954. It started as a Proprietorship firm by Shri J.K.Singh Walia who passed out from New Diamond Jubilee Engineering college of Lahore in 1947 as Mechanical Engineer.

Earlier he worked in Ordnance Factory in Pune as Deputy Chief Engineer in 1948 to 1953.After resigning, he started SAI by courage and determination and could make it possible in blossoming and emerging into a large entrepreneur which is popularly known today, as SAI.

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Our Products are widely used in all commercial, residential as well as industrial establishments.

Bridge Bearings evolved as parts of immense sophistication and complexity in modern bridges. The ever-increasing spans went hand in hand with the rapid growth of the loads to be carried. For reasons ...

Introducing Pre-stressing is creation for known permanent stresses in a member of structure before the full dead and live loads are applied. These stresses are created by means of high tensile steels tendons, which are tensioned...

Well point systems are used to lower groundwater levels to provide stable working conditions in excavations and are particularly suited to dewatering for shallow foundations and trench works. This method is capable of dealing with...

The heat exchangers designed and built by SAI are to a great extent utilized in industrial boilers and terminated radiators to preheat the combustion air prior to blending it in with the fuel.

The Plywood press is the significant machinery among all machines utilized inside the production line of plywood industries. The fundamental capability of the hot press is to warm and heat the pre-arranged boards of face, veneer, and core. The hot press is fully functioning with a steam pressure provided by the boiler.

Void-forming tubes obtain very high radial rigidity by means of special corrugations and are thus highly suitable as void formers in concrete structures, but can also be used in culverts and casting forms for piles, plinths and columns...

SAI has followed a systematic policy of up-gradation in design and manufacturing. It now offers a complete range of 700 bar (10000psi) product range for Hydraulic Jacks, Power Pack, Pump, Cylinders, Hydraulic Systems, Valves...

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We are an independent business offering a complete range of products from industry leading manufacturers.

My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself because a man without a vision is a man without a future.

Sanchit Walia


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Our association with our valued clients does not end with the supplying of quality product but continues with our after sales services:

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